Welcome to Into The Grooves, a project putting young creators first. Into The Grooves was created as a result of the lack of journalistic and creative opportunities available to young people striving for a career in the music industry.


I had been running my blog, LucyMcCourt.com, for three years since the age of 14 before being offered writing positions or anything that really elevated it from being a hobby to a viable career path.


I enlisted my good friend Michael and we got to thinking and decided to produce an outlet in which everyone would be able to participate and contribute, and Into The Grooves was born.


We introduce to you a refreshingly collaborative project that celebrates the vibrant future of the industry.




Editorial Director

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I created Into The Grooves with the vision that anyone with a passion for music should be able to contribute to a project to have their work shared, having myself experienced the struggle of finding an outlet for my creativity in the past.


Every aspect of my life revolves around music and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Creative Director
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First and foremost, I'm a musician, which is why I was so enthused when Lucy first came to me with the idea for Into The Grooves. As a young person, it's so damn difficult to be taken seriously in any industry.


Everybody needs an outlet for their passion, it's just so unfortunate that those outlets are so few and far between, so creating Into The Grooves was a huge step forward for me as I finally had a way to get my graphics published somewhere other than Flickr (yeah I know).


I work hard to maintain variety and contrast in the design for the magazine and the website, and make sure that everything looks nice and sparkly.


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