Lucy McCourt X International womens day 2020 poster

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As you may have seen a tweet of my recently went viral that visualised the lack of female representation on festival lineups.

While I received a lot of love and rightfully shocked reactions there was a surprising amount of negativity and pure misogyny exhibited.

The main comment being 'Maybe if women made better music' & 'There are no women out there worthy of the slots'.

There's over 700 amazing female artists on this poster, all of which are worthy of the festival slots.

A percentage of the profits raised from the sale of these posters will go to a charity, I'm still looking for one so any suggestions are appreciated however, for the price I'm selling these for the profit margin is extremely low taking into consideration printing costs, postage & packaging as well as online fees taken from PayPal. I just wanted to get them out there to as many people as possible for as cost effective. I am also going to be sending these out to a number of UK festivals so I'm not entirely sure how much of your purchase will go to charity however, I will be making a loss.

I just want to be upfront and outline that.

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