Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Greece based five-piece CoreTheBand describe themselves as a band you cannot put in a box. A listen through their debut album ‘I (Don’t) know’ only confirms that. A very unique sound while also remaining somewhat familiar with the band pulling influence from the likes of Green Day and Fall Out Boy.

I (Don’t) Know is the perfect summer car drive album where every song somehow makes sense of all the heartbreaks and crazy experiences. With the opening track ‘Constantly’ being a funky up beat song that could be blasted at the barbecue or quietly through your headphones on the way to work

But CoreTheBand have also brought us a mellow sound which relies on vocals and a little percussion with ‘Born’-  a personal favourite.

The highlight of this whole album is by far their song ‘Update’ bringing out a fast drum beat and wonderfully layered vocals, instantly bringing a spring to my step whilst listening. 

Overall, this album has come just on time for a wonderful summer as it provides us with some upbeat sunshine sounds through their constant ability to provide such amazing guitar and drum beats along with just the right amount of synth. 



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