Updated: Aug 6, 2018

The debut album from 18-year-old rock star Rory Wynne is finally here following him striking a record deal with Very Clever, a label run by fellow Stockport lads Blossoms who he toured with alongside Cabbage early last year.

Rory Wynee LP is an 8 track album solely created by Rory himself, recorded, mixed and mastered in his own studio over a brief period of only two weeks. What makes this even more astonishing is the fact he produced every track and played every instrument himself, a true DIY release.

The album comes in at just under 25 minutes, talking of the albums short duration Rory said 'It's more digestible for the listener in a singles-orientated world'. Unquestionably, a wise decision as this album is just jam-packed back to back with hits.

The opener 'Friends' is a danceable power anthem highlighting Rory's rough around the edges raspiness and bittersweet lyricism with the standout somewhat heartbreaking line 'She said that we should just be friends and I said okay but it ruined my day'.A vast representation of his skills as a proactive lyricist and all-round musician.

Edgy pop is the best way to describe the majority of this album but in particular, the tracks 'Little miss edgy' and 'Let's have a party' which are driven by catchy hooks, compelling riffs and uplisting drum arrangements, basically everything you need to have a good time, exciting and fun without being cheesy, these are fab.

'Think what you like' is the reflective moment on the album with a rather refreshing and uplifting sound, with its light riffs and anthemic feel-good chorus pushing the important message of self-acceptance through the line 'Don't you Change For Anybody'. A much needed chill moment to deliver some contrast.

"What you said to me" is the electro tinted closing track that does an excellent job of both wrapping up and putting the album into perspective. Remarkably nice texturing on this with the futuristic elements offering a unique dynamic against the organic instrumentation and gritty vocals.

Overall an absolutely phenomenal project from such a young star, a strong collection of sounds that demonstrate perfectly Rory's comprehensive skill set.



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