Updated: Aug 6, 2018

First things first, just tell us a little about the origin of the band, where did you all meet and how did the name come about?

We met at College, that’s where we were studying music. Fee met Paul at Wetherspoons where they both worked, and Moz and Taz played in a few bands together throughout college. The idea was brought up by either Paul or Fee to start a band for a gig that Fee got offered, she asked Taz who then told Moz if they would be interested.. the rest is history. Our name is a sweet! We were doing our first ever little gig as a band, and we needed a name, so we took to the floors and saw a wrapper.

Last month you supported 'The Wombats' on their UK tour, how was it and most importantly, how was Ally Pally?

It was so incredible! To be touring with such an amazing band, that are insanely friendly people is so lovely. The stages were huge every night, everything was so surreal. Speaking of surrealism, Ally Pally blew our minds, there’s a magically energy in that building I’m telling ya’, it resonates through the walls. The sound was incredible, the crowd was so great, we were loving it, it couldn’t have gone better.

You obviously make indie/ pop style tracks but is that what you personally listen to in your spare time, what could we expect to see on your Spotify?

Collectively we listen to quite a wide range of music, we obviously do love Indie pop bangers as much as the next person, but we can go from Lo Fi hip hop to Weezer, then to Toto and then Katy Perry so.. Somewhere along that?

When writing songs, do you feel you pull on certain emotions better, or being in a certain place, George Ezra has recently come out and said that he finds writing extremely difficult when not mentally stimulated, if that the same for you, what's your inspiration?

I think for us Inspiration can come from anything, even just a specific sound for us is enough sometimes, to hear something in a way that kind of leads your brain to create a musical idea which we think is a natural way to write, being in a certain place in your mind too will have an effect. Music is an outlet for us so naturally we lean towards it whether we're happy or sad. Be inspired by your feelings! Or something like that.

You have released two of your singles onto vinyl, is the physical format something you are passionate about, are you big collectors yourself, what can we expect to see in your collection?

We love vinyls, and we love that all these different methods of listening to music is coming back, and if we can help complete collections of music collectors then we’re all for it! It’s nice to have special ways to listen to things but we try to have music on all platforms so everyone can enjoy! We’ve all got stacks of 70’s and 80’s essential albums somewhere in our homes, along with old tape and cassette machines. We’ve got Michael Jackson to Toto, and some newer records too!

Female fronted bands are dominating the scene at the moment with the likes of Pale Waves, Wolf Alice, Our girl etc, how does it feel to be a part of this wave and have you ever met any struggles because of this?

It’s wicked, it’s really cool. So many cool bands and people are emerging because of this wave, and the music is even better. It’s great to see equality become more and more practised, we’re doing bits for the future. I can’t think of anything like “major” struggle that has affected us luckily!

You have released 5 singles now, surely an album has to be on the way, anything you can tell us about that?

We have more singles to come too! We’ve been discussing an album for a little while now, but can’t say so much right now as it’s in early stages.. Ask us next year!

You have a really nice fanbase rapidly forming, whats your oddest and best experiences?

We really do! We’ve collected a wide mixture of music fans who are so incredibly unique it’s so amazing. An odd experience.. Some girls were playing connect 4 in the crowd in like the front row while we were playing, but they were having a great time, they even made us do some moves for them. I can’t say there’s a best moment as there are so many good ones. Our fans are the best.

If you could share the stage with any band/artist in the world, who would it be?

For all of us it’s gonna be different, I’d say Moz would love to share a stage with Queens of the Stone Age or Foo Fighters, Taz with Led Zeppelin or Tame Impala, Fee with Balance and Composure or Jeff Buckley and Paul with AC/DC or Kiss!

And finally, what are the hopes for the future, where do you want to be in 5 years time?

In 5 years? World Domination hopefully, we hope to see everyone rocking our extensive line of BLOXX merch by then - no, but hopefully will have made a larger impact, we’d have an album out / working on a second. Hopefully music will be a fulltime thing for all of us by then! Still touring, playing festivals, making music and loving it.



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