In these uncertain times I never thought this would happen but I managed to go to a gig. Yes, in October 2020 I went to a concert. It’s strange to think right? Banquet Records have started to put on social distance gigs at the venue/nightclub ‘PRYZM’.

The first gig back and it had to be the lively Uxbridge based band BLOXX. I have seen them many times over the past few years and I have to say their energy is unmatched, they put their all into the performance and the crowd is always so lively. Now you’re going to be asking yourself how this is going to work in the COVID days and I can tell you, it’s still as good.

Once I got to the venue I did not know what to expect, I thought it would be set out a lot differently to how it was, actually, I did not know how it was going to work. The organisation was very well thought through to ensure everyone was safe, which was expected but it was really nice to see people being so insightful and passionate.

As we were sitting on these school like benches we were offered table drink service, a relief as no spaces at the table were lost and the drinks came pretty fast which was even better!

Onto the actual show, I am not going to lie to you - I cried during the first couple of chords of ‘Lie out Loud’, the first song that BLOXX played. I did not know how much I had missed live music until they came on stage and I missed the anticipation of waiting for that moment so much. The band was back, and everyone around was cheering, with and without masks on. A couple of things have changed with this new version of concert culture and that is not having the freedom to get up and dance and it was so hard to not jump up and down but I can tell you now, I wasn’t just sitting still on the bench for the whole set. There was laughter, tears, singing, waving, screaming, and just genuinely having the best time I could possibly have. BLOXX are one of the best bands live, and tonight just proved it more so. Most bands thrive off of the audience and even though the audience wasn’t dancing and making a mosh pit like it would be pre pandemic, they still gave it their all and that’s what I loved about the show.

It really puts it into perspective on how lucky I was to experience such a special show, not just for Banquet but for the band as it was their album release show for ‘Lie Out Loud’ which was released on 28th of August 2020.

BLOXX have got an upcoming album tour for April 2021 in which they will be playing the following shows:

15th April 2021 - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

18th April 2021 - Riverside, Newcastle

19th April 2021 - King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

20th April 2021 - Brudenell Community Room, Leeds

22nd April 2021 - Manchester Academy 3, Manchester

23rd April 2021 - The Bullington, Oxford

26th April 2021 - Thekla, Bristol

27th April 2021 - Heaven, London

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Words by Holly Chapman-


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