Updated: Aug 6, 2018

BlackWaters have been turning heads in recent years with their boisterous and captivating live performances that grab you by the collar and shake you about. After leaving their hometown of Guildford, the subject of title track ‘People Street’ the band relocated to Sheffield where they spent the end half of last year writing their EP. Released at the tail end of June, ‘People Street’ was worth the wait.

The four piece come out swinging with the first track ‘People Street’. Max Tanner’s thought provokingly socially observant lyrics about longing for somewhere new but also appreciating where you are and becoming more aware of what’s going on around you, encompasses the bands growing musical maturity in this song. The familiar growl of David Carpenter’s guitar steers this song along before the band throw the listener a curve ball by going into a fairground organ driven bridge before striking back with the catchy chorus that is sure to stay in your head for days. ‘Pick Me Up’ is an unrestricted grinding track and following on from that ‘Help Me’ is a tongue in cheek prod at spoilt brats accompanied with some heavy riffs thrown in for good measure, which will go down a treat at any BlackWaters show. ‘I Got It Wrong’ forced along by James Watkins crisp drumming and Ollie Franklins

prominent bass thud, help raise a middle finger to that former special someone in your life who is no longer that special someone. The EP ties off with ‘Suzie Q’ a perfect storm of spoken verse and melodic vocals. Guitar that builds into an all out fiery chorus and a fitting end to what is a fantastic release by one of the best live bands on the circuit. Special mention to Max’s vocals that add a

substantial amount of character to this band. If you

haven’t seen them live, make it a priority too, you will not go away disappointed but you might be slightly bruised.



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