Updated: Aug 6, 2018

The four-piece, indie-rock / pop band from Pontypridd in South Wales, The

Brocklebank, released their highly anticipated debut EP named: ‘YOUTH’ on

the 20 th April and let me tell you, it’s a bit of a bop.

The five-track EP, composed of whimsical tunes such as ‘Single’ and ‘18’ make

for a comforting and nostalgic experience.From the initial second of the first track on the EP, the title track, ‘Youth’ we are blasted with a light, hooky guitar lick that gently glides us throughout the track and leads us politely into a playful chorus accompanied by synths evocative of 80’s pop. The track carries all of the appropriate emotions accompanied with the themes of youth: painstakingly relatable, melancholy lyrics about holding on for a cherished lover, an excitable bassline melted with a soft and peppy guitar sound to lift up those wistful teen feelings of yours, all built atop crisp percussion that quickly transforms the song from a summer daydream, into a heavy – rock, glittery twilight.

Tracks such as ‘Single’ are reminiscent of 80’s indie legends The Smiths, as well

the considerate, reverb-soaked guitar riffs being aromatic of the severely

underrated 80’s indie band, Gene.

We are gifted with a lulling bonus track at the end of the EP, named ‘Driving @

Night’ which is an electronic instrumental which, to me, is remindful of ‘Money

Changes Everything’ by The Smiths. I for one am all for bringing back

instrumentals on EPs // albums so it’s exciting to see new bands bringing them

back – Instrumentals can be wonderful for showing off a band’s musical ability

and that is exactly what ‘Driving @ Night’ does for The Brocklebank.

The dreamlike state is carried throughout the entirety of the EP through retro

synthesizers, breezy guitar and harmonious vocals, reminding me of warm

nights, laughing with friends and essentially, the pleasures of Youth.

‘YOUTH’ by The Brocklebank was released on April 20 th 2018 and is now

available for streaming and download on Spotify.



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