Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Who are you? Who's in the band?

I am Ettie, the lead vocalist in Written In Ink! We are a 5 piece band from St Albans, Hertfordshire.The rest of the band includes Lewis Mackay on bass, Myles Moffat on lead guitar and saxophone,

Seb Rejahl on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, and Mia Casey on drums!

Is there a cross of genre within Written in Ink?

Personally I always struggle to figure out what genre we are but I guess just alternative rock. We aren't quite soft enough to be indie but we aren't heavy enough to metal influenced but we are all inspired by different stuff and like I think psychedelia is a large influence so yeah at the moment classic rock but who knows what we will evolve into!

Who are your inspirations when it comes to writing music sonically and lyrically?

I don't play an instrument (Sebi has given me his first guitar so I'm going to start learning soon!) so the musician stuff is mainly done by the other boys but ya'know. Seb is really influenced by Oasis, The Libertines, AC/DC and stuff like that whereas Lewis has grown up with Green Day and Royal Blood.Myles is a jazzman so a lot of his influences come from that and Mia's crazy about Muse, Pink Floyd

and Led Zeppelin so really it's a mix of a bunch of stuff because all of us, as much as we all love the same stuff, have been exposed to such a different variety. Lyrically we kind of write about whatever we want, I get influences from bands like The Cure or The Beatles or David Bowie, because I love visual lyrics like that!

Who is your main female inspiration and what makes them to be that?

Wow that is a big question. I have tons of female inspirations. Izzy B from Black Honey is someone I've always been mad about, I'll watch her play and always be like damn I want to be like her! My mate got me into this punk band called The Slits and they went through a hell of a lot because of the amount of sexism and misogyny going round when they were playing and they were super young but they're so rad I love them so much, the lead singer was called Ari Up and she's the stepdaughter

of John Lydon (Johnny Rotten). I adore Siouxsie Sioux from Siouxsie and the Banshees, I love Goth culture so much so I think she's incredible, and Reba Meyer's from Code Orange is amazing too.There are so many to list but I don't want to sound like I'm name dropping! Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry, Lyn-Z Way, Heather Baron-Gracie, there are so many! Girls are so f**king cool!


How did you all come together to make Written In Ink?

Lewis, Seb and the old vocalist Lewis Taylor began the band I think, back in the beginning of 2016.They found Mia on joinmyband.com or something and they all thought she was good looking so they wanted her in. Then Taylor left because he was moving to Devon which was sad but I guess that's how it works so they were looking for a new singer. I offered to try out but I said to Lewis not to feel

obligated to choose me just because we are friends, if you don't want to then it's fine but turned out he really liked how I sounded. Then they got Myles because Mia had been in various bands with him before and said he was amazing and obviously I can't sing and play guitar (yet) so we needed another one, and then I think we had our first practice with all 5 of us on the 11th June 2017 and we just clicked, the rest is history!


From when you first started the band, have you learnt anything you didn't know before?

I've learned how to make melodies! Which is cool, I didn't know that before. And I now know all the different types of guitar and how they sound. I guess mostly I've learned what my stage presence is because I remember when I first played I was just so shy and so I think I've improved a LOT in that sense. I've also discovered my style on stage, at the first ever show I wore a red Black Honey t-shirt with black skinny jeans with some boots, now I wear skirts and nice tops. The whole thing is a

learning experience!

How does it feel to be in a female fronted band?

It's pretty sweet I mean I'm not the only girl like Mia is also female so that in a sense makes it better because there's none of that 'wow you're a really good musician for a girl' talk because like that's just not cool, but to be the front woman of a band is super fun like I love it so much and I hope that more and more girls come forward in the music scene because girls got the power to rule!

Do you think there should be more bands like yours as there is a gender gap in the music industry?

Yeah I think so. Mixed bands are great like bands with a similar amount of boys and girls and I'd love to see more equality in that aspect across the music industry since it's becoming progressively more diverse!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I have no idea. I'd like to think I'd still be with the band and making a living out of it since it's what we all want to do like we've decided the next 3/4 years of our lives around the hope that we will be successful so I hope so! Who knows really? Hopefully I'll have a BA in cartooning and illustration by then, I'm writing a comic so success in that would be way cool!

Do you have any upcoming tour dates and releases?

I think we are going release a new single soon, on Spotify and SoundCloud, probably Grassman since that's my favourite song. We also have a few gigs coming up, M festival, Meraki festival, The Horn on June 20th, and we’re playing Wilkestock festival again in August which is super exciting! We got offered a couple of gigs in Luton and we also might be touring a little around London with another local band but that's not been finalised. Hopefully more is to come! I'm looking forward to the future!


If you would like to see what written in ink get up to and any news of upcoming music releases, check out their social media:

Instagram: @writteninink_band

Facebook: writtenininkband

Soundcloud: Written In Ink


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