King Nun drop new single Heavenly She Comes

Unhinged indie four-piece King Nun grace us with their latest single ‘Heavenly She Comes’. They are in good company: the Londoners supported Superfood and Pale Waves on their Dirty Hit Tour in 2017; they’ve become one of the most brilliant upcoming bands in the indie milieu. Presented to us like a bouquet of flowers with the petals haphazardly plucked, wearing the suit they slept in, Theo shrieks, “I’ll be a better man / I’ll be a man!” as everything curdles, spiralling out of control.

An hysteric distortion of The Killers’ theatrics, ‘Heavenly She Comes’ uses infectious choruses, turning pleads to screams. The brattish vocals are a credit to the track. Dissonant guitar and drum sections corrode like acid rain. The effect is irresistibly precocious: ‘Heavenly She Comes’ is the forerunner of the album we are dying to hear.

Words by Sophie Walker


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