Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Ready to smash your playlists, this Guildford formed four-piece spoke to us ahead of playing our Nambucca launch party. Spilling the beans on everything from their inspirations, their dream collaborations and even offering new bands some cruical advice.

How did you all meet?

We all met at ACM during freshers week. Nico, Sam and I were housemates, and I met Jamie at one of our lectures. We might had met before the lecture but we wouldn’t remember it to be honest because it was freshers week and all our recollections from it are blurry.

What inspired you to start making music together?

I think we just realised straight away we liked the same bands so we booked a room to jam a couple of songs by indie bands we like (I remember we played Editors, Bloc Party and Tame Impala). After that we never played covers again, we started writing straight away.

How would you describe your style?

Saying Indie Rock means everything and nothing. But I guess that’s a good

thing. If you want to put a label on us, you can use whichever you like best (indie, rock, alt rock, synth pop, guitar music, math pop...). I guess the only way to really know what we play though is coming down to a show and interacting with us.

What do you make of your local music scene as well as the whole DIY indie community?

Independent local scenes are golden and everyone should take better care of them. It makes me upset when people don’t support up and coming bands but then they love to go and watch Arctic Monkeys or Foals. If no one had

supported them when they were

starting, they wouldn’t be where they are now. DIY music and independent artists and labels have big momentum right now. It’s “cool” to be Indie. Indie is mainstream and I think we all should make the most out of that. Any local band has the opportunity to try to reach out to the biggest crowd they possibly can. This had never happened in history before, and yet a lot of people see it as a threat. The music industry is growing for the first time in a decade and it’s full of opportunities. Record labels will eventually die, and companies like Kobalt will take over. It’s all about the artist now and that’s how it should be. So yeah, DIY forever!

How many gigs have you got under your belt, where are the crowds the maddest?

We lost count but I’d say we’ve played nearly a hundred gigs in like less than a year and a half (which is mental cause we don’t even have a booking agent, we book it all ourselves). And I’d say the best crowd is Guildford. But what am I gonna say, that’s where we are based. After Guildford I’d say Liverpool. Souncity 2018 crowd engaged a lot with us and went nuts.

Dream Collaboration?

I would like to be Yannis from Foals for one day.

What's your favourite album of the year so far?

That’s an impossible question. But I’m gonna say my favourite release so far has been “Heaven on Earth” by an up and coming band called Whenyoung and The Magic Gang album. They are great. Bully’s new album is great as well. And we can’t wait for Foals and Interpol new albums (like literally we are dying to listen to them). And I personally liked the new Arctic Monkeys one but the rest of the band didn’t so there you go, there’s a whole debate there

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

I feel like we are the ones who need advice! (We’ve only been going for a year and a half). But if anything, just be true to yourself and be ready to work very hard and not necessarily doing fun stuff. The admin/businessy bit of the work is crucial to be able to enjoy the fun bit. So yeah, i’d say get on top of that asap. And listen to what people around you have to say, if you meet people with more experience than you listen to them. Even if you end up doing whatever you want (that is how it should be) but at least listen, be humble and learn.

What's the plan for the rest of 2018?

We are going to release a new single “Luck” and hopefully tour as much as we toured for the previous release Reel/Heel.

lastly, how are you feeling about playing our launch party?

We are buzzing! It’s such an honour and it’s great to see that you are doing this. Again, DIY is the way to go now, and it’s greaht to see people like you who are not just talking about it but actually going out there and doing it!




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