Updated: Aug 6, 2018

I had a chat with joke-cracking James Squirrel, drummer of young, female fronted indie band Oranje to find out who they are, where they’re from and what we can expect from them!

Tell me a bit about you guys! Who are you, where are you from?

We have four members; there’s lead singer and guitarist Dez, lead guitarist Duncan,

bassist Elle and myself – the drummer James! We are all from different places in

Essex including Colchester, Felixstowe and Marks Tey. We all met whilst studying

‘Music Performance’ at Suffolk New College, and that’s where we came together!

So how long have you been playing in a band together?

We’ve been a band for about a year now, but we are progressing fast. In the first few weeks of becoming a band, we managed to write six original songs and covered Wolf Alice tracks.

Oranje is quite a unique band name, how did you guys come up with it?

The name came from when we were first put together as a college band, and were

recording a music video with the technology students. They asked for a band name,

so we looked behind us at the small ‘Orange’ amp and tweaked the name slightly to become Oranje. We didn’t want to get copyrighted against the amp brand! [James laughs].

What type of music do you guys produce – which fan bases do you think you would

attract the most?

We are still experimenting with our sound, but we have drawn inspiration from

many bands such as Wolf Alice, Foals, Nirvana and Stone Roses. Oh and The 1975!

Talk me through your song-writing and creative process – how does an Oranje song

come together?

In the early days, our tracks such as ‘Riot’ were heavily composed by Dez [lead

vocalist and guitarist], but through growing as a band we all began to write equally.

Dez and or Duncan [lead guitarist] normally have a riff idea in mind, and make it

connect and work with the bass to become a strong composure. For structure and

rhythm, they have to look no further than me to create the best, banging drum beat

I could possibly create. I mean, you don’t have to look much further to find the

magic in a song than the drummer [James laughs and jokes throughout}!

What is your proudest moment thus far as a band?

I’m not sure what our “proudest” moment is, but definitely getting our EP (Bitter

Sweet) out was a very important part in Oranje. To take our songs and distribute

them to places such as Spotify and iTunes was awesome, and we really enjoyed

them being mixed!

So what is your main goal or dream as a band?

Go big or go home! [James cracks a joke and laughs again]. I mean to do music for a LIving would be the dream, but realistically it’s just a bunch of fun! We do really want to see how far we can take it! Personally, I’m just happy when we play – it’s all a dream!

What gigs have you got coming up; where can your new fans catch you playing?

So, we generally play in many UK areas such as Ipswich, Manchester and Leeds. We

just played MayDay Festival in Ipswich which was awesome. We are hoping to play

Latitude Festival next year as we have been recommended to them and come close before! Just keep an eye out for us!

And finally, if you could recommend one Oranje song to any new listener to get theM hooked, what would you recommend?

I would definitely recommend listening to ‘Glow’ as our first track, as I feel it is the

one people would warm to. It’s so chill and laid back, and it’s just bloody relaxing!

For a more exciting first listen, ‘Trash’ is the first song for that too. It just packs a

good punch and I bloody love playing it!

The amount of fun and energy in this interview proves that Oranje Oranje are definitely ones to watch! You can check out their recent EP ‘Bitter Sweet’ on iTunes and Spotify now!



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