The first time I had the pleasure of listening to Brighton trio Our Girl was during their tour with Pale Waves early in 2018, they were playing after the fantastic up and coming act Bloxx who had set the bar high after their supporting set.

Our Girl came on stage and once I saw Soph Nathen (a member of another excellent group The Big Moon) I knew it was clear that this band were something special. I was hooked. Unfortunately, due to venue restrictions, I was not able to meet the group or purchase any music from them but I knew that this band were going places and I spent the next day listening to the ‘Normally’ EP and the other singles released by the band-My favourite being their most well known track ‘Our Girl’ due to the beautiful guitar riff that haunts the track which you find yourself humming along to near constantly which is supplemented by Nathen’s gorgeous vocals which echo throughout the track. Their debut album ‘Stranger Today’ was released on the 17th August 2018 to massive praise for the bands innovative yet so familiar style, whilst listening to this album I felt as though I have known these tracks for years. Every part of this album, every track, every lyric, every riff and the cover goes perfectly with Our Girl’s distinct and recognisable style and tone.

It is clear that everyone in the band and every member of the Cannibal Hymms record label poured their heart and soul into the production, writing and promotion of this album due to its soon to be iconic cover art and the fantastic tracks that feature on the album. Overall I have to reiterate that this album is stunning and no matter what music you are into you must listen to this band and try to see them on one of their spellbinding tours.



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