Updated: Aug 6, 2018

It’s like your birthday and Christmas have come at once for record collectors up and down the country with over 400+ exclusive releases only available to purchase in person at participating independent stores. Record store day took place on the 21st of April. Catering to people of all genres and decades from Gary Crowley's Punk and New Wave compilation featuring tracks from 1977 - 1982 to Taylor Swift's massive pop drenced 2014 release 1989.

However, it isn’t all about the records, it’s a massive celebration of indie stores and the work they put in all year round to keep the vinyl industry thriving, with in store performances, parties and many many freebies.

Nigel and his daughter Abbie were very much ahead of the crowd setting up camp at the iconic Banquet records in Kingston a massive 27 hours before doors opened. I spoke to them both about the day…

When did you both start collecting and how big has your collections grown?

Nigel- 1972, my first one was Slade- Goodbye T Jane, my collection is built up over the years and currently sits at 2000+.

Abbie- I started when my dad bought me a Mcfly picture disk when I was about 10, and now I have around 200!

What made you choose Banquet records over the other 200+ stores participating?

We have spent the last 7 record store days here, we travel 120 miles just to come to Banquet, it’s not just how well the store is organised or what records we get it’s also the people that work here that make it for us.

What records are you looking to pick up?

Nigel- To name a few, Motorhead- Heros, Johnny Thunders- Give Her a great big Kiss, Descendents-Who we are, The soul Jazz Punk 45 box set.Old firm casuals but 25 items on total on my list.

Abbie- To name a couple T-Rex- Bolan Boogie, Linkin Park- One More Light live

How do you plan to spend your full day and night of queuing?

Our friends we see every year here are slowing joining us so we will be catching up on the past year! Coffee runs, scrolling through the same social media over and over again. As inspired by out friends Ian and David last year we have a fold up table for a curry this evening and then after watching the entertaining drunks on a Friday night we can only hope to get some sleep.

Last but not least, how do you feel about Record Store day as a whole in terms of pulling the community together and celebrating the comeback of vinyl?

Nigel: I think it’s been spoilt somewhat by the major labels who have jumped on the bandwagon of something that is great for promoting independent record stores and labels as their releases are not so limited and overpriced however the comeback of vinyl is a brilliant thing as nothing sounds the same as playing a record! It’s great fun meeting people who are here for the same each year!

Abbie- I may have missed vinyl the first time around but I am so grateful to have a dad who taught me about music and vinyl as I grew up and then I get to make new friends who all met over one event but support each other all year long? I only wish to collect as much as my dad has and do the same with my family one day!

How one london store celebrated the day!

Audio Gold London- ‘We like to celebrate Record Store Day in our usual relaxed style. We open at 9 to a small-ish queue, people tend to come to us to avoid the madness off the bigger record shops or areas. We played a slight game this year mixing up the releases in non alphabetical order! Not sure that worked! We gave a away some free goodie bags to the first 20 customers and ran a competition to win a vertical turntable.We had possibly RSD's best sounding music system playing an RSD playlist that spanned the whole day and DJ's from Wrangler and Hexstatic playing RSD selections.As well as the exclusives we save up a stock of great second hand vinyl just for the day including a stock of kids records to give away. We also give away a load of free records, or people can donate and the money goes to charity. We recently had our friend Michael Kiwanuka play a gig in the shop and we're --trying to persuade him to busk the queue next year! :)

We spent the day at multiple stores starting the day at Lion coffee records in Hackney picking up a couple of out must haves, Wolf alice don't delete the kisses remixes along with Linkin park one more light live. A quick walk down the road and we were lucky enough to get out hands on a signed copy of Michael kiwanuka’s live and loud Ep from stranger than paradise records. We then eventually ended up at Rough trade West where we were met with an hour long queue to even get into the store, it was very much worth it as we managed to pick up the limited yellow edition of Issac Gracies stunning self titled debut before catching his sun soaked set.

It’s refreshing to see so many people of all ages and tastes out supporting and celebrating the format, every year the event gets bigger so we’re already looking forward to 2019!


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