Sisteray - Sisteray Said EP review

Sisteray’s new EP ‘Sisteray Said’ has all listeners obsessed. Shouting political views left, right and centre the band never fail to shake you up into a groove.

Starting off with the sounds of drums for ‘Wannabes’ the band kick into an amazing heavy start to really give you a shock!

After ‘Wannabes’ you find yourself spiralling into ‘Rumour Mill’ and wanting to immediately jump up, down and push your way through a pit.

Then leading onto the stark noise of ‘Algorithm Prison’ Sisteray get you banging your head all ways along to the punchy drums and make you want to shout back any lyrics thrown at you.

We then come to the end of the EP with the track ‘Sisteray Said’ starting off with addictive bass and then jumping into sudden hardcore guitar. The song leads onto the catchy chorus that makes you want to shout at the top of your lungs.

If you like new age punk I definitely recommend going to see Sisteray. They can only be described as a sweaty masterpiece that is waiting to take over the London music scene

Words by Aimee


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