The 1975- A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

This album came as a shock to all of us who have been there since the black and white era. But as 1975 fans, we all know that Matty Healy never fails to pull it out the bag. A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships projects a very futuristic sound, especially with tracks such as How To Draw/Petrichor and The Man Who Married A Robot. 

The first track The 1975, which features on all 3 albums, has a Bon Iver vibe to it with Matty’s auto tuned voice singing the classic lyrics that make this track so iconic on each album they put out. 

Healy hands over to siri for the 9th track to talk about how we rely on technology to keep us company, which is a reflective piece for us all.  The 1975 have always aimed to bring the Barnum effect into the making of their records by making us feel like they are directly addressing us as fans, but really its just a vague message that suits all. This is what makes the album so special: they convey so many different emotions that everyone can invest themselves in every song.

I Always Wanna Die Sometimes is a stand out song as it sounds very much like Oasis which is what they set out to do as the band said in an interview, it has really left fans touched as it is a very honest song as Matty sings of darker times within his life. The song in particular sounds like their old stuff with the classic electric guitar in the chorus and George on the drums-  not an auto tuned sound to be heard at all. 

Overall this beautiful album is a breakthrough for them as they have explored different genre’s and aspects of music but still stuck to their old stuff with a twist. It has made everyone cry at least 10 times and will forever be a prominent album in their crazy career as a band. 



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