The Amazons Future Dust Review

The Amazons are well and truly back! - and have recently released their second album, ‘Future Dust’.

Following their debut album, their new album is much bigger, bolder and more exhilarating than ever before. Heavy guitar riffs and melodic vocals flow greatly throughout each track, delivering the band’s distinct sound.

‘Future Dust’ commences with ‘Mother’. This track starts rather slowly, before blasting into modern day rock and roll. The euphonious guitar riffs progress impressively throughout the track, delivering an exciting opening to the album. As the album continues, listeners are met with more remarkable vocals. The amazing tones of Matt Tomson’s voice combines effortlessly with bulky bass lines and impressive drum roles. ‘Fuzzy Tree’ and ‘Doubt it’ are amongst the most popular tracks on the album, yet each song has something new to deliver. Without doubt, The Amazons have pulled together another awesome eleven track album.

There is a huge amount of excitement ahead of their ‘Future Dust‘ UK tour, commencing in November of this year. Needless to say, the Reading four continue to be the modern embodiment of rock and roll and we anticipate that this band has a lot more to come!

Future Dust is available on all popular streaming services, or head to your local shops to pick up a hard copy of their album.

-Words By Charlotte


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