Updated: Aug 6, 2018

On the very hot and sticky 22 nd June, I travelled to the outstanding London Stadium to see

Foo Fighters for the second time; after seeing them play Milton Keynes Bowl back in 2015, I knew I had to see them again – what an excellent decision that was.

Frank Carter @ The Rattlesnakes opened up the stage with an energetic, fist-pumping set that got the crowd going with ease. ‘I’ve heard that Foo Fighters fans are the strongest fans in the world’ shouted Frank Carter as he lunged himself feet-first into the crowd, walking on the hands of excited fans. Next on the bill was Wolf Alice, who didn’t blow the crowd away but performed a good set with fantastic vocals from lead singer Ellie Rowsell. If they had just a bit more energy and interaction with fans, it could’ve been an eye-opening set. At around

8pm, Foo Fighters took to the stage, and this is when the magic happened.

As soon as Dave Grohl and the rest of the band ran onto the stage, they rocked out!

Opening the set with fan favourite ‘All My Life’ was a fantastic choice, followed by ‘Learn to Fly’ and ‘The Pretender’ which all went down a treat and left the crowd wanting more.There was no messing about with the Foo’s, they let us know from the word go that they were here to rock hard and that’s what we got! ‘We’re gunna play Foo Fighters songs until we’re told to stop’ exclaimed Grohl, and that’s what they did.

The band performed four tracks from new album ‘Concrete and Gold’ like a treat. First they played popular ‘The Sky Is a Neighbourhood’ backed up by a three-woman choir; this was absolutely beautiful and packed such a punch that I’ve come away loving it even more. The next new track they played was ‘Sunday Rain’, which they cleverly placed in between ‘Rope’ and ‘My Hero’ – this made it sound like an old classic. New Foo’s songs didn’t come until near the end of their set, when they consecutively played ‘Dirty Water’ and ‘Run’ shortly

before the encore. It is clear that ‘Concrete and Gold’ is an album made for arenas, and there’s something about hearing the tracks live that creates a new, special connection. It hasn’t become my all time favourite album, but the way the band performed the new tracks showed me how underrated the album is.

Amongst Foo Fighters bangers, the band did fantastic solos to show off their talent. One by one each member showcased their musical ability, featuring drummer Taylor Hawkins and his entire drum-kit being lifted above the stage on a platform earlier on during the set. To make these solo’s totally unique and interesting, the guys showed themselves off by covering snippets of tracks from bands we all know and love such as Ramones, Van Halen, John Lennon and even the ‘Grease!’ cast! ‘That’s all you’re getting, mother f***ers’ joked Grohl as he teased the crowd. The best cover, and probably the best moment from the entire set, came when drummer Hawkins and lead singer Grohl swapped roles to perform Queens legendary track ‘Under Pressure’. This left the crowd in absolute awe and surprise, especially as Hawkins Mercury-esque vocals proved he is certainly not a one-trick pony.

‘You’re not done yet’ was Grohl’s tagline throughout this concert, and although the set was nearing an iconic three hours long, fans definitely were not done by the time the encore came. Before going off stage ‘Best Of You’ was performed, with everybody holding their torches in the air and chanting ‘ooh, ooooh’ even when the band had left the stage. ‘TimesLike These’ was the bands first choice of encore song, and the crowd swayed beautifully with their loved ones whilst shouting the lyrics with their fists in the air; no-one wanted this to end. ‘It’s times like these you learn to live again’; I feel these lyrics resonate with everyone. My new all-time favourite band finished, of course, with ‘Everlong’. If you thought the song already had all it’s elements and was mind-blowing enough as it is, the fireworks that accompanied it definitely made it an experience to remember. It had now dawned on

the crowd that the show was over, and this moment allowed us all to look back at the entire set and cherish every moment. It’s a gig I will never forget.

To round off, Foo Fighters performed an absolutely astonishing almost three-hour set; not once did the energy or talent drop even slightly. This concert made me realise how iconic the band really are; you could tell how much fun they were having and that this is what they were born to do, every single one of them. For everything I’ve discussed in this review, plus my personal opinion that this may be the best concert I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot!), I have to give them a solid 5/5! Until next time Foo Fighters!



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