YONAKA release new single 'Creature' ahead of EP.

Brighton four-piece band Yonaka have just released a single named ‘Creature’, the second single from their upcoming EP with the same title. ‘Creature’ appears to be just as much of a banger as previous single ‘Own Worst Enemy’, with a catchy upbeat riff and relatable, powerful lyrics.

Yonaka are continuing to prove that they are a band to watch within the current rock scene, as they never fail to pull out a solid tune that gets everybody on their feet. In ‘Creature’, lead singer Theresa Jarvis sings about losing control of her mind and being afraid; the heartfelt and relatable lyrics paired with the punching, heavy riffs makes for an enticing and emotional listen. You can hear the aggression and almost pain in Jarvis’ voice, adding a heartfelt approach that we haven’t necessarily heard in previous Yonaka tracks. This is the most well-produced track from the band thus far, as it has much more depth and explores the mind in a thought-provoking way.

Regardless, it is still guaranteed to have you singing at the top of your lungs. The four track long ‘Creature’ EP is set to arrive on the 9th November, featuring two new tracks named ‘Death By Love’ and ‘She’s Not There’.


Words by Chloe


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