YONAKA- Teach Me To Fight EP review

YONAKA, an alternative rock, four piece band from Brighton recently released an EP over the summer called ‘Teach Me to Fight’.

Featuring four songs, the first track ‘Fired Up’ immediately grabs your attention with its anthem like lyrics and Theresa authoritative tone, which honestly makes me want to jump around to the song. ‘Waves’ is quite similar but there is a certain vulnerability to it that is quite refreshing, and then it builds up with the strong instruments, giving body and texture to the song..

Throughout the EP there are amazing guitar riffs, but for the last two songs, the guitar riff are memorable and catchy. Honestly, ‘Teach Me How To Fight’ has to be my favourite from the whole EP, the song challenges you with their ‘no nonsense’ lyrics, that get straight to the point and makes you want to shout the lyrics of the chorus out loud with them.

For the last song ‘Wish You Were Somebody’, you can find it relatable, the angry vocals and lyric get you thinking about that someone in your life that you are actually better off without.

Throughout the EP you can hear how Theresa, with her beautiful vocals carries her emotions throughout the song well,you can feel what she is feeling and because of this these songs are unique.

Words by Jennifer


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