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LUKE - Content Writer


"I enjoy working with Into The Grooves because it creates a platform for young musicians and music lovers to share their opinion and have them heard"

ASHLEIGH - Content Writer


"Being a young musician myself and someone who has always had a strong passion for music, I wanted to be a part of the Into the Grooves team so that I could get my voice heard in the music world. I think it’s important for young people to have a say about what they actually think about the music industry or what they’re actually listening to; rather than what big-time media likes to churn out. There’s a lot more exciting stuff happening in the underground music world, it’s just that people don’t know about it yet."


CHARLOTTE - Content Writer+photographer


"Being a part of the Into The Grooves team is amazing. It’s a great opportunity to become involved in a growing community of talented young individuals with a keen interest in music."


MAISIE - Content Writer


"I love ITG because it allows young writers to have a platform to display their work, where currently it’s difficult to get noticed within the music industry"


LISA - Content writer + Photographer


"ITG is an amazing zine that aims to both promote bands and give young people a platform to air their views on music."